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Our heating & cooling technicians offer AC repair & AC troubleshooting for Polk County residents in towns including Lakeland FL, Plant City FL, Mulberry FL, Auburndale FL, Winter Haven FL & more.

ac service lakelandIn the hot, humid Florida summer months, no one wants to be without a properly functioning air conditioning unit. Serving Polk County FL, including Lakeland FL, Bartow FL, Winter Haven FL, Auburndale FL, Mulberry FL, and Plant City FL, our air conditioning experts are here to offer A/C repair and maintenance.

Action Heating & Cooling Inc. is a full service heating & cooling company that employs skilled technicians specializing in air conditioning repair. Our service trucks & warehouse are stocked with the highest quality parts & equipment to ensure top performance. We handle all types of A/C repairs on every brand available.

There are a number of things that can go wrong in an air conditioning system that may affect performance of your unit. Our trained technicians can perform diagnostics and many times fix the problem in short order with parts on their truck. If parts need to be ordered, we deliver quickly to get the problem fixed so your home or business can return to a comfortable environment.

Here’s a look at common A/C issues we repair on a regular basis:

AC Freon Leaks

Freon, which is the refrigerant in an air conditioning unit, is the chemical that cools the air. If your A/C unit is low on Freon, it generally indicates a leak. While you may be tempted to just recharge your system by topping off the Freon, you may be quite surprised at the price. With the prices of refrigerant ranging from $75 to $100 per pound & most require 2-5 pounds of refrigerant, topping off an A/C unit with a Freon leak is a very expensive option. Instead, let a trained professional locate & fix the leak to ensure that your money won’t be going to waste on a problem that will just keep growing.

Fan Motors for Air Conditioner

Problems with the fan motor in your air conditioning unit can include fans that won’t run at all, fans that run at a slow speed, or fans that won’t stop running. Because the fan is what moves the air over the condenser coils to transfer cool air into your home, a fan that isn’t working properly can lead to some serious comfort issues. Whether the motor has burned out or the wires have rusted through, our expert technicians can diagnose & solve the problem quickly to get your A/C fan motor working as it should.

AC Capacitors

Failure of an A/C capacitor is the most common cause of breakdowns in the hot summer months. The capacitor is arguably the most important component of your A/C unit, as it is needed to start the motor of your system and to keep it running. If you notice that your air conditioner is making a humming sound, but the fan itself is not running, there is a good indication that something is wrong with the capacitor. The removal of a blown capacitor is dangerous as it can give an electrical shock if not done properly. This task is better to be left the professionals who are familiar with the proper techniques to remove and replace an A/C capacitor.

AC Contactors

The A/C contactor is the component that the thermostat signals when it’s time to turn on the unit. As the temperature rises (or drops), the contactor receives signals from the thermostat inside the house. The thermostat will trigger the contactor to switch the unit on and send a signal to the outdoor fan motor to start up. If this component is faulty, your A/C unit will not know when to switch on and could leave you sweltering in your own home.

Evaporator Coil in Air Conditioner

After years of heavy use in the hot & humid Florida climate, evaporator coils can become dirty or faulty. Dirty coils can force your A/C compressor to work harder & longer, raising your utility bills significantly. Our experience has shown that a dirty evaporator coil system can lead to misdiagnosing problems or unnecessary repairs, and even premature failure of the evaporator coil. Have our pro A/C technicians inspect and clean your evaporator coils on a regular basis to ensure proper operation and avert potential costly problems.

Air Conditioning Condensing unit

The outdoor unit of your A/C is called the condenser. The condensing unit works to liquefy cooling refrigerant that is in gas form and returns it to the blower to chill the air in your home. The condensing unit may stop working because of faulty wiring, damage to the terminal box, leaks, or problems with the coils, fan motor, contactor, or low refrigerant. If the unit itself is over 10 years old, it could need to be replaced altogether. Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot problems with the condensing unit so call us today if you are experiencing issues with keeping your home cool or getting the outdoor unit to run properly.

A/C Air Handler

The air handler is the component on an air conditioning unit that regulates & circulates air through the system & home. It is generally made up of a blower, cooling elements, filter racks, sound attenuators, and dampers. Damaged coils, faulty blowers, clogged air filters, and poor electrical connections are all common issues with air handlers. When the air handler is not working as it should, other components in your air conditioning unit will have to work harder in order to compensate which can lead to early burnout or expensive repair bills down the road.

AC Ducting & Venting

The ducting and venting are what delivers the cool air to the different parts of your home or business. Filters need to be changed regularly to keep your A/C unit performing efficiently and effectively. If you notice that some areas of your home or business are not receiving enough air flow, the venting & ductwork of your system may not be set up properly. Air ducts should also be cleaned every 2-5 years to ensure that the air that enters your space is clean and free of mold & contaminants that can make you and your family sick.

AC Blowers

The A/C blower draws in the warm air from your living space through the return vents and moves it across the evaporator coil in order to cool it, then transfers the now cooled air through the ventilation system. If the blower is not working, cool air will not be delivered to your home. If you notice lowered airflow from your vents, reduced cooling capabilities, icing along the evaporator coil, and/or loud operation, something could be faulty with your A/C blower.

Heat Strips in Air Conditioning System

A surprisingly common cause for high energy bills in the winter is due to faulty heat strips. The heat strips are the component in your HVAC unit that warm the air during the cooler winter months. If the heat strips malfunction, they can be stuck in the on position and consume a large amount of electricity which can skyrocket your utility bills. On the other hand, heat strips can also stop working completely which means your house won’t be warm during those chilly winter nights. If you notice higher utility bills or lack proper heating capabilities when it’s cold outside, call Action Heating & Cooling Inc. to determine if the heat strips on your HVAC unit are faulty.

AC Heat Exchanger Unit

The heat exchanger is the component in your HVAC system that absorbs or transfers warmth created in the compressor. Heat exchangers transfer heat from one fluid to another fluid over a solid surface. This transfer can either be in the form of absorbing heat or dissipating heat in the vaporized refrigerant that runs through an A/C system. Heat exchangers will generally fail due to excessive use or old age.

Drain Pan

Have you noticed excessive leaking around the air handler of your A/C unit? This can indicate a drain pan leak or other issues. Your air conditioner not only removes heat from your living space, but it also removes humidity. The drain pan (or condensate tray) collects the water from the air circulating through the system to decrease humidity present in your home. It is angled in a way that allows the water collected in the pan to run into the drainage pipe. When the tray has shifted, is cracked, or is overflowing, the drain pan does not work as intended and can cause a number of potential costly issues.

Your air conditioning unit is a complex system that is full of different components. On many occasions, it can be hard to diagnose exactly what the malfunction is in an A/C failure. Our highly skilled technicians are trained to troubleshoot these common problems and get to the exact cause of the issue at hand. The hot Florida summer is no time to be left without the comfort of your air conditioning system. Remember that preventative maintenance can do so much towards preventing costly repairs in the future. If you are having problems with your heating or cooling unit, call Action Heating & Cooling Inc. today! Your comfort is our concern.